[API DATA] How to use FairWind APIs to interact with boat data

The Fairwind system permits the simplified use of the navigation data that ,as they are transmitted by the sensors ,are formatted in a JSON structure which can be called as a whole, allowing to have a snapshot of all NMEA sentences, both of the sequences necessary to the developer.

To use the API's first lauch the Fairwind system!

In the case of development can be launched through the dedicated player's interface a log file appropriately present to simulate the use on NMEA sentences.

To view all the NMEA sentences in the Fairwind system instantly use the following syntax:

http://<IP-FAIRWIND>:<PORT>/fw/nmea (es. http://web.uniparthenope.it:13387/fw/nmea)

To view only a specific NMEA sentence use the following syntax:

http://<IP-FAIRWIND>:<PORT>/fw/nmea/query/<SID>  (es. http://web.uniparthenope.it:13387/fw/nmea/query/IIBWC).

Belowe an example of the structure Json:

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Ferraro Carmine

Core and Gui Developer - Hardware expert OSP Team