Let me introduce the FairWind.

The FairWind is an integrated multifunctional navigation software based on open technologies and open hardware marine portable console computer leveraging on a built from scratch infrastructure on top of stable and well documented mobile and web technologies.

  • FairWind is the best crewmember on any kind of boat: from dinghies and inflatable boats to sailing yachts and luxury power boats because it is a common gateway interface for all boat data providing useful services. FairWind could act as chart potter, data logger, sailing instrument primary source and/or repeater, panel switch center, smart anchor alarm, tracker, performance analyzer and predictor, security, tactic board for racers, ports, protected bays and anchorage database for the cruisers… and many more things still not yet imaginated!
  • FairWind is social because boat owners could share with their friends sailing news federating themselves in a sort of fleet and eventually posting all on the social media channels.
  • FairWind is open technologies based, so every stakeholder involved in yachting could contribute to its development. The users could simply suggest, the advanced users could develop their contributes, the boat builders can customize the system in order to fit the owners’ needs.
  • FairWind is open hardware because it works on world spread common embedded system-on-chip boards supporting the Android operating system as, but not limited to, the Udoo Quad nice hardware ( and Radxa Rock embedded systems ( The FairWind application could run on any Android tablet interfaced to the microcontroller using the Serial USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. More, the FairWind software infrastructure is designed to use the Arduino ( family as sensor and actuator unit as the only in one Fishino ( Selling custom hardware designed for FairWind is in our plans.
  • FairWind is extensible with the only limitation given by the imagination, the creativity and… he hardware costs. Virtually any kind of sailing instrument or transducer could be connected and its data acquired, processed and shared in a crowd source way.
  • FairWind is user friendly because its graphic interface allows the user to manipulate virtually any aspect of sailing boats and powerboats as well.
  • FairWind is science friendly because each boat became a survey unit helping the scientist to save the marine world life and get more pervasive data on weather and ocean state. The user could chose to share more or less anonymized data receiving back high quality scientifically produced services.
  • FairWind is developer friendly because FairWind is mobile and web technologies based and creating a new software component is as easy as developing Android apps. The FairWind SDK is the software development kit that make straightforward the design, the development, the testing and the debugging of core and plug-in components. To contribute to the FairWind development you don't need to be a boat owner!
  • FairWind is innovative because… yes, we have the Boat Apps! FairWind could be fully customized creating new ad hoc boat apps (BApps). BApps can access to all boat data and create and share new parameters. Users can download and install BApps from the regular Goole Play store, but, of course, the FairWind app have to be up and running on the device.
  • FairWind is ubiquitous. With any web client ranging from a simple Pebble smart watch to top smartphone passing through a web enabled e-book reader  anyone on the boat can interact with the FairWind services and web GUI respecting it’s role! (Right or wrong the Captain is the Captain)
  • Finally FairWind is an university initiative born in the High Performance Scientific Computing Smart Laboratory ( of the Department of Science and Technologies (DiST, at the University of Napoli Parthenope (UniParthenope, http://www.uniparthenope.ut) joining the effort of the “Sebeto – Student Creativity” ( and “Hack Arts Lab at UniParthenope” innovative teaching projects and the “Regional Centre for Marine and Atmosphere Monitoring and Modeling” (RCMAMM, operated by the DiST. New motivated partners are welcome!

The FairWind captain and BApp inventor,
Raffaele Montella, PhD