Frequently Asked Questions

No, it could work only on Android devices. Theoretically it could be ported in any mobile or desktop environment, but at now it is not in our plans.

The BApps are Android applications using FairWind life support. So you can use Google Play in order to sell you BApps. Of course, the user MUST have the FairWind app up and running in order to use any BApp.

You are in the FairWind manual example case: the maxi displays could be connected directly to FairWind and the transducers too. The echo sounder should have a NMEA output compatible with a RS232 serial port. You could connect it using a serial/usb adapter or directly on the FairWind board. Maybe a good quality marine GPS receiver with usb plug could be connected to FairWind in the way that could act as position source for the anchor alarm.

You can buy any smart echo sounder transducer. We suggest the it works!

Be brave and dare, download the SDK and follow the HelloWorld tutorial.

Follow the link, describe your app filling all the fields and submit the form. Someone of the FairWind Team will contact you.

FairWind itself is not open source as any Android app. In the same way the BApps could be or not open source. Nevertheless FairWind runs on Android and uses many open technologies as the SignalK instrument data sharing standard.

So sailors with any skill in computer programming and simple mobile/web technologies background can develop applications gaining benefits from FairWind (and sell them on the Google Play store)! Is mandatory that the FairWind app must be up and running on the device where BApps run.

The first prototype run on a Raspberry PI connected to an Arduino Micro with the USB port. This configuration is not really usable on the boat, so we moved to a better hardware. You need to buy our “Servant” interface in order to connect your instruments to the central processing unit. Any tablet or single board computer supporting the Android OS could be a good choice for FairWind.

We suggest this configuration:
• Udoo quad []

• Starter pack (so you can test it at home with the power supply)

• 7 inch touch screen

• 32 Gbyte class 10 SD card - Important - use the class 10 or better

• Trust wireless media keyboard with trackball [