It you are a charter

If you run a charter company with a consistent fleet or you rent your boat just sometimes in order to balance the ownership expenses, your need is the same: knowing where the boat or the fleet is sailing in order to improve the safeness of guests and boats. FairWind is able to store every monitored boat parameter (position, weather, depth, engine, batteries) at regular intervals on its internal storage and occasionally send everything on the land when a stable internet connection is available. This is possible thanks to the cloud computing technology and, in particular, by the Globus services developed at the University of Chicago and at the Argonne National Laboratory.

Make effective your business managing the boat in the way she will be ready for the next sailing because you know if there is some critical issues to be checked in advance.

The FairWind software, thanks to the Boat Apps (BApps), is fully customizable with features that improve the experience of your guests that can share everything on the social networks directly from the boat interface replicated on their handheld devices as tablet, smartphones and e-readers. What if a group of guests is distributed on more than one boat? With FairWind you can manage ephemeral private fleets in a dynamic and fun way!

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