Who is who in the FairWind Team.

The winning team is lead by a leader, not a commander.

Steering board.

Raffaele Montella, PhD – Assistant professor in Computer Science at the DiST, mHPSC technical investigator, with strong international cooperations mainly with the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago (now as visiting professor). He sails since he was a kid, he is a sail racer since he was a boy and he develops software since he was just 11 (and he was born in 1972)… as a scientist he loves to mix things; as a sailor he loves when things clockwork. He had the idea of BApps, boat apps, in the autumn 2011 in Chicago, while a productive conversation with Ian Foster, huge scientist and sailor.


In pure alphabetic order (the “out a time” - group):

Vincenzo Emanuel Castellano – Hardware specialist – BSC candidate in Computer Science.

Francesco Di Carlo – Pebble developer – BSC in Computer Science.

Diana Di Luccio - Data management - PhD student in Environmental Risks Assestament.

Assunta Esposito – Graphic and web portal developer  - BSC student in Computer Science.

Carmine Ferraro – Core and GUI developer – BSC in Computer Science.

Luigi Giustiniani  - Android Developer - BSC candidate in Computer Science.

Federica Izzo - Social & Media - MSC in Languages and Intercultural Communications in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Vincenzo Santopietro - Android Developer - BSC candidate in Computer Science.


…Are you interested in joining the team?

For both core and BApps development we need for enthusiastic developers mastered in Android and Arduino programming. Your chance to join the team increases if you know project management tools as Mercurial, Bitbucket Slack and Trello.

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Scientific committee

Giorgio Budillon, Prof. – Full Professor in Oceanography and Physics of Atmosphere  – director of operations at Centro Campano per il Monitoraggio e la Modellistica Marina e Atmosferica.

Ian Foster,  Prof. - Professor in Computer Science - University of Chicago - Directory of the Computation Institute

Giulio Giunta, Prof. – Full Professor in Scientific Calculus – HPSC SmartLab principal investigator – President of the Bachelor School of Computer Science committee

Antonio Scamardella, Prof. - Full Professor in Naval Architetture, Stability and Safety of Ship


Honorary board

Paul Messina, Dr. - Directory of Science at the Argonne Leadership Computer Facility - Argonne National Laboratory.

Almerico Murli, Prof. – Full professor in parallel and scientific computing, former Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II.

Raffaele Santamaria, Prof – Full professor in Topography and Geodesy - Directory of the Department of Science and Technologies