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Support FairWind.

FairWind is an open initiative based on the raising “do it by yourselves” movement (DIY, Makers) with the ambition of pushing the economy improvement touching the device of leisure sailing market. The focus is on the fact that open source doesn’t mean free, but the business moves from the copyright duty to the people professional expertizes and is on steroids thanks to the flywheel effect. FairWind as university open initiative has the primary goal of forming enthusiast experts of applied computer science with a strong knowledge of sea and ocean technologies.


Who could support?

Hardware companies – could donate their products for development and testing.

Boat builders – could fund scholarships in order to grew up students expert in this field.

Sailing instruments producers – could donate transducer and displays in order to make possible the FairWind integration in their data networks.

Boat service providers as map or weather – could work with the FairWind team in order to make their services available to the FairWind users that could pay for their services.

Yacht clubs – spreading the FairWind sailing culture with ad hoc services and BApps for their fellows.

Other national and international universities and schools – to join the forces and to make FairWind better and better.


How to support?

It’s fast and easy, just click [here], then fill the module and submit.