[UDOO KERNEL] How to recompile Udoobuntu kernel

The S.O. of UDOO is based totally on the Ubuntu distribution. To increase the performance of the board has been chosen in the design phase by engineers Udoo to keep a few modules in the kernel of the image to make it as light as possible.

To adapt our external tools or simply use the serial converters via the USB ports you need to recompile the kernel for adding the parts that we can serve.

Recompiling the kernel linux is not a simple task for newbies of operating system's. I'll try to write all the steps needed in a detailed and simple mode.

1) Download the packet U-Boot_Unico-2013:

git clone https://github.com/UDOOboard/U-Boot_Unico-2013.git

2) Enter into the downloaded directory:
cd U-Boot_Unico-2013/

3) Run the commands:
make -j5 tools
sudo cp tools/mkimage /usr/local/bin

4) Move to src directory and download the kernel:
cd /usr/src/
sudo git clone https://github.com/UDOOboard/Kernel_Unico kernel

5) Enter into the downloaded directory and run the command to prepare the compilation
cd kernel
sudo make ARCH=arm UDOO_defconfig
sudo make ARCH=arm menuconfig 

6) Now it opens an interface in a blue background that allows us to select the modules to be included in our kernel. If we want, for example, add support to serial adapters must achieve:
Device Drivers —> USB support –> USB Modem (CDC ACM) support->premere la barra spaziatrice fino a visualizzare l'asterisco che indica l'aggiunta del pacchetto al kernel.

Finally Save them and exit from configuration tools.

7) Now compile and install the package with the new configuration:
sudo make
sudo make modules_install
sudo make install
sudo make -j5 uImage
sudo mv /boot/uImage /boot/uImage_backup
sudo cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /boot/

8) Reboot the board and the new kernel is ready to use!

sudo reboot


Ferraro Carmine

Core and Gui Developer - Hardware expert OSP Team