Which kind of hardware do you suggest for building my FairWind installation?

  • Posted on: 29 September 2015
  • By: admin

The first prototype run on a Raspberry PI connected to an Arduino Micro with the USB port. This configuration is not really usable on the boat, so we moved to a better hardware. You need to buy our “Servant” interface in order to connect your instruments to the central processing unit. Any tablet or single board computer supporting the Android OS could be a good choice for FairWind.

We suggest this configuration:
• Udoo quad [http://shop.udoo.org/eu/product/udoo-quad.html]

• Starter pack (so you can test it at home with the power supply)

• 7 inch touch screen

• 32 Gbyte class 10 SD card - Important - use the class 10 or better

• Trust wireless media keyboard with trackball [http://www.trust.com/en/all-products/17911-adura-wireless-multimedia-key...